Mandate  Kits

Directions and Mandates are not Laws

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Never before had the average citizen have to become so familiar with the law like we do today.
Below is a copy of the ‘Notice’ that has been shared with me to pass onto those Business Owners in QLD affected by the 17th December mandates with thanks to: Noego Coffee Co and Taralei Williams ( 

It's a 3 step process

  1. Complete the Law Exemption request from Government notice and amend the recipients relevant to your business
  2. Print Single Sided Only and send the notices by registered mail to each of the relevant recipients individually by registered post
  3. Reply to Notice 2 (Dan the cafe owner (Noego in Ormeau) will share Notices 2 and 3 when they are done.)
  4. Reply to Notice 3 (Dan the cafe owner (Noego in Ormeau) will share Notices 2 and 3 when they are done.)

    Make sure to print a copy of the tracking info once they have been delivered. Also send it to each of them via email with the delivery & read receipt options selected. Laminate a copy and display at entrance to premises in a similar location to all the covid safe notices.
    Tara has undertaken to do a follow up draft, to the response or no response (giving 14 days and 7 days) which Dan has undertaken to share with me. 

    Please also note that with the above letter templates, each letter needs to be personalised from either a personal/individual or a collective/entity perspective. 

    Disclaimer: This is not legal advice, merely sharing information. 

Business Mandate Kit

A mandate is essentially just a request, and has no official standing within law. A mandate only truly comes into force when the person/business who is requested takes part/agrees. So yes, the government response here is correct. It’s extremely dirty, but it’s correct.

The government is doing indirectly what it can’t do directly, and is passing the legal buck onto businesses. Businesses can of course be sued under the law, if they enforce any mandates which are contrary to law (as in, actual legislation, written in black and white).

Everyone must be so, so careful. Mandates are essentially null and void if they are challenged in court, as they are only a request/direction/rule – they are not law. Also, if you receive a fine for not following a mandate, it can be challenged in court and it’ll be thrown out as you technically haven’t broken a law.

Customer Mandate Kit

Here is an excellent document customers can give to their favorite establishments to make them aware of the current situation they might be in.