How to win a war

Protests might help, but is no way to win a war. It is time for a war crimes list. Handed to those whom we are fighting for.

Look at They fought so hard against Dictator Dan and got absolutely nowhere. I was morally broken down after witnessing these crimes against humanity.

Protesting was helpful when we still had rights and got media coverage. The problem is that with gag orders and financial incentives they no longer report this. They would rather fill their pages with visa issues while kids are getting jabbed with a useless chemical and avoid the coercion with vaccine Passports. Anything to distract the masses from the fact that we are now dealing with a mild virus.

The most powerful weapon we have now is word of mouth. It is time to be open about your voting party and talk to people about it. The big 3 should go. Liberal, Labour and Greens are rotten from the inside and can not be saved. And once you have your party and your followers you should add to and send the War Crimes list to all.

The guilty on this list must be prosecuted accordingly and the funds of war profiteering should go to the victims on this list. The list is currently password protected to the public and has a release date set for election day. The list is also sent to a friend on a daily basis Incase anything happens to me or this site. If there are any savvy lawyers out there then I would love your advice on releasing it earlier.

We also have a business directory of people that stand by your side. Support them and leave the rest in the dirt. Know someone that wants to be on it? Share a link. Let us grow.

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