Congratulations. Freedoms lost

Our Freedoms lost. Handed over to Artificial intelligence. You will now be monitored from birth to death. Privacy will be gone from the 1st of June.

Its a surveillance Technology developed by Motorola a subsidiary of a Chinese company Lenovo. Yes. The same place that gave you Covid-19 and the same place that is making a fortune out of all the pharmaceutical tools and medicines you are being fed with and responsible for all the lock-downs will now also be watching your every move and make sure you have your face nappy on.
I know that you are going to say that they will not get the data, but that is the same thing they said about Hauwei and Hikvision.
And regardless off all that. We want our privacy. We do not need to be monitored like criminals. The surveillance in offices will now be more advanced that that of some prisons.

Half a year ago MSM was raging about how China is treating it’s citizens and stripping away at their privacy. Now we are doing the exact same thing. And MSM is supporting it? Have a look at this news article from Sky News
I’m sorry. If this does not wake you up, then nothing will. Time to turn the government back into what it should be. A public service.

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