Communist Australia

Welcome to communist Australia where Citizens are arrested for eating out these days. Will they answer for their war crimes.

Citizens are arrested for eating out these days.
Gestapo went to her cafe, Interrogate her about unv@xxed people dining at her establishment and then proceed to check all guests and arrest this lovely lady just because she wouldn’t show her medical records to them.
We need heroes to help us. Time to stand up folks.
Looking at this scares the crap out of me..
Please share this folks. Not everyone is aware of the war crimes being committed in our country.
The v@x hardly works. Even the CEO of Pf1zer says so…/9d76126d080e2010f05eb0…
All businesses should take down these horrible check in tick required signs. 
We are ruining this country.
Stand together. List your business and support these businesses no matter what.

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