The Vaccinated are falling

The Vaccinated are falling

So the unvaccinated that had the virus and are fine afterwards are ostracised while those that got coerced into getting vaccinated end up

Battleground Melbourne Documentary

Battleground Melbourne is a documentary by Topher Field. It exposes the horrors behind the Iron curtain of Dan Andrews dictatorship and ty

Communist Australia

Welcome to communist Australia where Citizens are arrested for eating out these days. Will they answer for their war crimes. Citizens are

MSM jumps on the bandwagon and admits segregation

We have been fighting against the two tier society that the government created. All of a sudden MSM jumps on the bandwagon and admits segr

Don’t Look UP

Keep your eyes locked on the television and consume the fear mongering and lies that MSM continues feeding you. Don’t look Up Don

Merry Covid Christmas and Happy New Fear

Happy New Fear. Mike O’Connor nailed it. I do not know how he managed to get that pass the editor, but glad to see the truth coming

Congratulations. Freedoms lost

Our Freedoms lost. Handed over to Artificial intelligence. You will now be monitored from birth to death. Privacy will be gone from the 1s