Battleground Melbourne Documentary

Battleground Melbourne is a documentary by Topher Field. It exposes the horrors behind the Iron curtain of Dan Andrews dictatorship and tyranny.
Here is the link to the documentary

Please watch, share and help expose what we are dealing with here in Australia.

It started about flattening the curve, to being ostracised and told to snitch on each other creating a two tier society. They created fear and mistrust among neighbours. They kept on changing rules, monitoring time outside of houses. As we complied, they took the opportunity to take away even more freedom and threatening us with police force.

Spending $44 million dollars on private security to guard the infected in confinement like criminals instead of using the assistance of the ADF. Even after multiple offers was made. Then he went even further and locked down multiple suburbs with armed police. Not even allowing them out of their buildings. Even the ombudsman found Dan Andrews guilty of human rights violation and responsibility act. Nothing even came from that. 8pm curfew with one hour of exercise during the second lockdown not allowing you to go future that 5km from your home. Border closures with $5K dollar fines. A 2m border divide. Once side will have you end up in jail for breaking curfew

Businesses crumbling one after the other. Some that will never rise again. And this is not just money lost. These are lives broken. Some forever. Suicide rate sky-rocketing, domestic abuse going through the roof. Businesses tried to stay open. Got shut down. Churches tried to stay open to provide support. Shut down. Protesting or writing something on Facebook getting you arrested.

So the protesting started. Protesters getting violently pulled from their homes.
Arresting people. Did not matter if you were 70 years old. They locked them up. At the protest the police where in full tactical gear armed to the teeth against unarmed people that only wanted to express their pain.

Melbourne Cup 2020 turned into a poetic bloodbath. They caged in the protesters blocking them from going home. Arresting 500 people that day making sure that unity is out the door. People getting charged for political enticement for posting their opinion on social media. All the charges, all the pain and still no evidence of medical advice to show.

Suicides started to rise. Young kids unable to understand the situation they are in. Seeing themselves as failures… taking their own lives as a way out. I stand for Dan supporters went out of there way dobbing in parents that took their children to playparks.

Anzac day cancelled but 70K people can go to the GMC. Then the change of narrative in Dan’s plan moved from zero cases to vaccine mandates and coercion. Unarmed civilians protested but was met with rubber bullets.
Evidence of police having no regard to civilian rights discussing ways on gagging the opposition so they can no longer having a voice using insane bail conditions.

Next rally they had thousands of police tracking protesters, arresting them and using their battons and pepper spray. They knocked down an old lady and pepper sprayed her while on the ground suffering grave head trauma from getting knocked to the ground. Now that the cameras where on the police, they started harassing independent media.

Next step. They went for the tradies with their mandates on vaccinations and not even the union stood by them. The union accusing the crowd of not even being part of the union but trouble makers. Once again trying to change the narrative.

To stop the tradies they upped the level from rubber bullets to using stun grenades and armed tactical vehicles.

At the Shrine of remembrance civilians appealed and got shot with rubber bullets in the back while running away from power hungry officers. After all this and all attempts for fighting for our Freedoms it felt like a losing battle until the nurses and teachers  started protesting.

Dan strikes again with draconian $90K dollar fines and gaining Authoritarian powers jailing people for whatever reason he wants without any questions asked.

Members of police started resigning in public. Speaking out against the tyranny and dictatorship taking place. They saw hope.. and the crowds grew. And the people united. More public figures started standing up.
Inside parliament things started happening. 

3 days in sitting and Dan Andrews gets his Authoritarian powers. Do we run. Do we hide. We can not stand down. Build your connections, invite more people you know to the rallies. But it’s not over yet. The focus is now on South East Queensland

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