Don’t Look UP

Don’t Look UP

Keep your eyes locked on the television and consume the fear mongering and lies that MSM continues feeding you. Don’t look Up Don

Merry Covid Christmas and Happy New Fear

Happy New Fear. Mike O’Connor nailed it. I do not know how he managed to get that pass the editor, but glad to see the truth coming

Congratulations. Freedoms lost

Our Freedoms lost. Handed over to Artificial intelligence. You will now be monitored from birth to death. Privacy will be gone from the 1s

Vaccine Passports – Don’t ask, don’t tell

There has been of misinformation about “Vaccine Passports” and the requirement for businesses to enforce rules that would result in medical apartheid.

TGA coming for our five to 11-year-old children in Australia

TGA coming for our healthy five to 11-year-old children. Why inject a child with an experimental drug that might kill them.

Unvaccinated Lock Out Directions – Mandates and Directions are Not Law!

BYLAW COVID BUSINESS PACK Click here Businesses can end up paying penalties for not allowing entry because no business private or public c