Government to introduce “anti-troll” social media legislation

Government to introduce “anti-troll” social media legislation

Government to introduce “anti-troll” social media legislation holding social media services such as Facebook liable for comments published.

Msm shows you how some cheat the Vaccine Passport certificate

Channel 9 shows us how easily you can cheat the Vaccine Passport certificate on your check in app by using someone else’s Medicare details

Millions March

Vax mandate exemption for businesses

I met up with a lady at the millions March and she advised that there are documents available to get their vaccine mandate exemption for your business

Capricorn Coast

Qld’s Capricorn Coast Says NO to Labor’s Vaccine Mandates

Livingstone Shire Council voted “pro choice” rejecting government advice to medically discriminate between who they serve and employ

Hundreds of Protesters at Brisbane?

Are the mainstream media being forced to lie!!! Surely they do not want to enforce vaccine passports on their own brothers and sisters.

FDA might only release Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data by 2076

The fed gov’t shields Pfizer from liability and protects their investors only to release data after they are all dead.
Nice way of avoiding prosecution.

200 000 Jobs – Reopen Migration

People Still on the Doll, People resigning and businesses suffer to get staff. Putting government interference aside, how do we fix it..

Is it just me, or are the sirens and choppers never ending

It has just become worse and worse. Sometimes right through the night.

Australia Post Christmas parcel mayhem

Parcels are piling up in Australia Post warehouses and customers are getting cranky.

Us & Them

So. Heard an interesting phrase from today. The Us & Them. The jabbed and un-jabbed.

Almost done

How do all journeys start. With a passion in a drive.
For too long have I seen the deterioration of our Society. These lawmakers with their endless debates and draconian laws is leaving Australia to ruin.

Leaked email – Unvaccinated tennis players will be allowed to compete in the Australian Open

So what happened to equality? This is madness. What can we do to stop this. Clearly talking does not seem to do anything

Woolworths, Big W require all staff to get both COVID-19 vaccinations by March 2022

I never thought I would live in a “free” country where you are forced to be injected with something against your will.